Frequencies and the way they work

25 11 2009

Frequencies are different vibrations which affect the chakras (the centers of spiritual powers in the body, as mentioned in yoga) and stimulate them into healing. Unless there are serious medical problems requiring emergency medical attention, a color and/or light and/or sound is one of the best options a person may have.

The frequencies resulting from light, colors and sound create the frequencies in the inner wiring of the brain, conditioning it for a desired consciousness. The brain’s internal frequencies are less than 20 Hz, thus, it’s the infra- ranges that are mostly used for therapeutic use.

Out of all, it’s sound that is the most effective; any sound between 5,000 Hz. and 8,000 hertz has been found to increase the brain’s efficiency. This is the reason the Teslar chips were introduced in the early 2000-s, to harness the power of frequency for regulating the bio-fields. It repelled the stressful effects of EMF with frequencies ranging from 7-9 Hz, which neutralized the external electromagnetic fields.

In a similar manner, eating the right foods also helps in countering high, external vibrations. The human body operates optimally when kept within frequencies between 60-80 MHz, so, foods emitting frequencies within that range keep the body at an optimal level of existence. According to Tainio Technology, fresh, organic fruits, picked when ripe, give out 80 MHz; raw, green organic vegetables 65MHz. to 72 MHz and Wine 40 MHz.-50 MHz, whereas animal protein sources vary between 40 MHz. – 55 MHz. The same applies for sprouted grains, while raw, non-green organic vegetables never exceed 21 MHz. For sprouted-grain products, it is 10-15 MHz.

This is the reason why workout regimes work best with certain combination of organic foods and canned, frozen or processed food is bad for us. Processed foods have their life forces diminished almost to the level of zero, since the water and the oxygen in them undergo tremendous alteration, leaving almost nothing for the body to benefit from. This life force is what that sets the frequencies, which in turn.

Frequencies is a fascinating subject and one which is still relatively new as a subject for many people, in that it is still a subject which has yet to be widely accepted. People are now though becoming more open to alternative health and the subject of frequencies is likely to gain more attention in the coming years, similar to the way Green and Eco subjects have become main stream.

Paul writes about Relaxation and healthy living and about Wellness treatments for relaxation.

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