ITP Blood Disorder Defeated Naturally

25 01 2010

I’m sure you have heard about supposed natural remedies for ITP blood disorder. Relaxation techniques, homeopathic remedies, eating blueberries, and a host of other natural treatments. You or someone you love might have even tried or is trying some of these natural remedies.

If you will keep on reading you will discover why natural remedies don’t work for everybody. This is a serious issue because ITP blood disorder is a serious condition and doctors do not take it lightly. Drugs such as Prednisone, Danazole and others are standard treatments, not to mention spleen removal.

With so much at stake many look to natural remedies to defeat ITP instead of drastic treatments mentioned above in hopes of avoiding the expense of the terrible side effects. Why so many get little results is because they use a “shotgun” approach. Using broad remedies instead of specific ones. ITP blood disorder has multiple factors as it cause, so the natural treatment is only going to be good if it addresses the exact cause or causes of your particular case.

For example: One of the natural remedies being promoted for platelet dysfunction is vitamin D. Many who suffer from low platelet count are taking large doses of D because it has been proven to be effective in regulating the immune system. Sometimes the autoimmune condition of ITP will even respond to this natural treatment.

The problem is however, if vitamin D deficiency is not the cause of your ITP blood disorder you will be wasting your time. In fact high doses of vitamin D when not needed can create a toxicity in your body causing further damage. That is why it is important to take a blood test to identify deficiencies first so you can be more targeted in your approach.

My uncle was juicing carrots by the bag full to naturally treat his condition with high doses of vitamin A. He added a little apple and some celery to make things taste better. He didn’t know if he was deficient in A, he just heard it might help. It didn’t but he did turn orange!

One day he was dumping a whole bunch of celery juice down the drain that my 10 year old son had over produced in his zeal to help. My husband drank it instead of seeing it go to waist. My husband had been suffering from headaches in the hot afternoons. The next day, no headache. None for the rest of the week!

My husband was suffering from dehydration and since celery is high in sodium it supplied the natural salts needed for his deficiency. This happen quite by accident but shows how a natural remedy can help in a specific situation.

The point is always make sure the remedy is for you. Consult a nutritionally oriented or naturopathic doctor before using a natural treatment you know little of. I am not talking about eating foods that are good for you or taking a quality multi-vitamin but rather using high doses of something that could harm you if you don’t need it.

Natural remedies for ITP blood disorder are effective. You just need to do the proper research and be sure to find what will work for you.

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Laura Jean pursues a healthy life style to keep her Immune System functioning properly and encourages others to do the same.

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