The Only Liquid Trans Resveratrol Supplement

25 01 2010
Quite often, you might have come across Resveratrol and the positive advantages that can be enjoyed by investing on suitable healthcare supplements derived from the same chemical. Red grapes are often touted as the primary sources of this alkaloid. The same chemical is produced in minute quantities by the plant when it senses pathogenic attacks. However, for the commercial manufacture of Resveratrol based supplements, manufacturers often employ something else – Japanese knotweed. A brief introduction of the vegetation along with suitable insight into the techniques that are often resorted to by the manufacturers is also listed in the following passages.

Until recently many people believed that Resveratrol supplements were prepared from red grapes. Even wine was considered as a good source of the chemical. The French paradox played its own role in establishing the fact that the only source of Resveratrol is red wine or red grapes (that are commonly employed for preparing the red wine). It was only later that the manufacturers started acknowledging the benefits associated with employing Japanese knotweed for the same purpose. As of this day, approximately 85 percent of the Resveratrol based supplements are manufactured from the same weed.

There are many reasons that illustrate why manufacturers chose this weed over the grape plant. Wide availability of the raw material (Resveratrol) in large concentration tops the list. The plant is a weed in the truest sense – plant it somewhere near your house, and you will realize that it starts growing in an accelerated manner. Sourcing the raw materials used to be a bottle neck for many pharmaceutical companies. However, with the aid of advanced machinery and distillation procedures, they could come up with the very best of the healthcare supplements. There are many gripes associated with the niche, though.

The gripe-list is topped by the presence of excess Emodin – a chemical that acts as a laxative and might induce stomach cramps. Once you delve deeper into the niche, you will realize that manufacturers often hide this fact from the consumers. Search for Emodin concentration levels of your favorite Resveratrol supplements and you will realize that there is nada information. Even the healthcare discussion forums seem to abandon this niche in particular. The stomach cramps and associated problems are often seen on a small share of people. We are often left at the mercy of these pharmaceutical companies; experiment with various products and you will have to settle down on one of them.

The toughness associated with the Japanese knotweed plant is another factor that led to the high proliferation of Resveratrol based supplements. Certain manufacturers strive to differ from the rest of the pack, and hence they still use grape plants to prepare supplements. These supplements come with an associated cost, and you will have to pay dearly for the best product. If you are willing to spare a considerable amount so that you will be able to invest on such pure products, it will truly pay out. Best of luck and please post your experiences.

Resveratrol is made from the Japanese plant Knotweed. There are many health benefits associated with using Resveratrol and Silica supplements.

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